Monday, April 13, 2009


Dr. Susan Blackmore provides a splendid primer on Youtube. This will give you background to understand the concepts I am about to propound.

Let the truth flash like lightning.

Memes are in constant competition to take root, much like seeds landing on fertile soil. The soil is called the belief space. A basic meme such as “God love you” can take root and quickly develop co-memes. Picture a spore sprouting rhizoids, tiny rootlets, that can intermesh like threads in a brain. As more co-memes are added—a church meme, bible meme, heaven and hell meme, sin meme, Holy Ghost meme, and on and on—the memetic hook gets more and more complicated and eventually grows into a tumor-like memeplex. The memeplex can become so powerful that if takes over the neural apparatus of the host and a membot emerges. Priests, brainwashed soldiers, Mary Kay Cosmetics salespersons and gung-ho corporate execs are good examples. Whenever the host’s entire life is dedicated to the spread of the meme— which by now is called a memeplex (ideology)—you have a membot. It can get so extreme that the host will sacrifice his/er life and die for the memeplex, in which case you have a memboid: suicide bombers in the Middle East, kamikaze pilots in WWII.

There are countless memes in the meme pool and competition is fierce. At the memeplex level, human life is insignificant. Memeplexes must replicate (make copies) or become extinct. The history of civilization has known thousands of religions but only a few have survived.

Consider this: with all the crimes and atrocities that humans have performed and are capable of, the first commandment handed down to Moses from God is, “Don’t worship other memeplexes.

”The best, safest and most reliable way for memeplexes to copy is vertically—older generation to younger, father to son. A large, extended, tight-knit family with a stern patriarch is the most efficient and accurate method of meme replication. The transmission of the memeplex is almost certain, especially if outside influence can be avoided—as we see in parochial schools.

Gays are a special case. From the meme’s point of view homosexuals are a dead-end because they don’t reproduce. Gays are more useful as a scapegoat in support of an “us and them” meme that is a co-meme in all religions. I’m not suggesting that memes plan or scheme; memes are just information. I’m saying that natural selection has favored memes that persecute and condemn homosexuals.

I hope my theory is relieving and unburdening for gays to contemplate. As if the gay method of love making were abominable to God, but straight, vaginal, baby making is absolved and blessed in an overpopulated world. With all the contributions that gays have bestowed to humanity, it makes no sense that they should be the victims of intolerance.

We have to understand we are at the mercy of our genes and memes. Humanity is a peculiar ape infected by memeplexes. As I’ve written before, we have to accomplish a revolutionary leap in our understanding of the human condition or competing memeplexes will lead to our species to extinction.

More on the subject in Mirror Reversal including a Memetic Glossary.Website is

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