Friday, February 13, 2009


A friend in weed is a friend indeed.

Everything is a trade-off. (From MR)

If politicians are so religious, why are they so corrupt?

I know that God would never send me to hell for refusing to abandon reason.

When we’re young we seek to spread our genes; when we’re old we seek to spread our memes.

The only time politicians tell the truth is when they’re insulting one another in a negative campaign.

“C’mon, do I have to write you a memo? What can I say? We evolved from oversexed primates; that’s not my fault. Let’s make the best of it.” (From MR)

We remain in the Dark Ages. But maybe some day, scholars, writers, artists and teachers in the local schools will be respected more than warriors, athletes, and egotistic pop-culture celebrities. (From MR, after Sir Edward Gibbon)

With religion and superstition so powerful here, it’ll take centuries before humanity can evolve into a spiritual entity. (From MR)

If a shop has two barbers, always go to the messy, disheveled one. It’s obvious they do each other’s hair.

Most people look at war, crime and corruption and say, “Its human nature and it’ll never change.” A few say, “That’s the way it is because the political, corporate and religious alphas want it that way and it’s got to change.”

The very pillars of society – the judgment of right and wrong -- are decayed and corrupt. (From MR)

God isn’t an underachiever; He’s a complete dropout. (After a line by Woody Allen)

We have to stop being sheep.

The endmeme is real and threatens the future of all life on the planet.

Getting old ain’t for wimps. (From Bette Davis)

The greatest spectacle of Nature is the Cosmos itself.

Right wing people are pro-life all right — pro-afterlife.

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