Wednesday, February 18, 2009


There’s been much debate about trying to deprogram religious people, as opposed to ignoring them and letting them adore and worship any divinity they please. Live and let live, it’s a free country and what harm are they doing. In fact, religion can be a good thing because, like music, it soothes the wild beast.

Religion was fine with me most of my life. Religious people felt sorry for me, I’m losing my soul; I felt sorry for them, they’re losing much of the joy of life in anticipation of heaven. As long as we keep the laws of the state and try to be good people, everything was copasetic.

That was before President George W. Bush came along. Religious people broke state laws (a cleric cannot endorse a candidate from the pulpit) and the spirit of American democracy by voting as a block. Rev. Jody Hice of Atlanta even called for a coalition of preachers to form a union to promote Christian ideals. If Sarah Palin and/or Mike Huckabee ever win it’ll be against the law to engage in non-reproductive sex. Hice spends his time arguing for the right to hang the Ten Commandments on public buildings. How about the Eight Beatitudes, Reverend? How about “Blessed are the merciful” in back of the judges bench? Maybe there wouldn’t be over two million souls wasting away in jail.

Imagine the power this man is trying to seize. A political coalition of Christian ministers would be formidable and ominous. They already worked their miracles in getting W elected—the man whose arrogance and incompetence will curse this country for generations to come. We are in a Middle East quagmire that is completely unwinnable. The country is bankrupt from supporting a billion-dollars-a-day war habit. The corporate stooge winked at conspicuous mischief. There never has been just a transfer of wealth from one country to others (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, etc) in the history of the world.

Worst of all, he devastated the reputation and pride of the nation. Operation Shock and Awe murdered thousands of innocent people. Americans will have to live with this ignominy as long as people pledge allegiance to the flag.

Then there’s Opus Dei. Where does the pope come off influencing and determining the outcome of the American presidential election? In 2004, W sent an emissary to the Vatican to inform the pope that he was losing and needed help. He advocated a faith-based platform, especially on the abortion issue, and merited the pope’s support. Pope John Paul II agreed and handed the matter over to the clandestine organization headed by the present-day pope, Cardinal Ratzinger. Letters were sent to every American bishop ordering them to exhort President Bush’s election in Sunday’s sermon. The rest is history. The pope pulled strings like a Godfather (pun intended) and changed the history of the world. No wonder W broke all protocol and met the pope at the airport.

Then there’s the “endmeme.”

To be continued. Please refer to for a definition. Or search Youtude on “endmeme".

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